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Frequently Asked Questions about "Get Real!"

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"Get Real!" FAQs

This information was taken directly from the Girl Scouct Council Of Tropical Florida, Inc. Fact Sheet about "Get Real!"

The Program

Girl Scout Council of Tropical Florida, Inc. "Get Real!" Mentoring program helps girls make positive life choices regarding their self-esteem, relationships, abstinence, and conflict resolution through a curriculum that promotes values including honesty, responsibility, and caring for self and others.

Age Levels

At-risk middle school girls, ages 11 to 14.


The Girl Scouts "Get Real!" mentoring program has served over 130 girls in the 2008-2009 school year at: Aspira EMH Charter School (downtown Miami), Key Largo School (Key Largo), Arthur and Polly Mays Middle School (South Miami - Dade), and Manderin Lakes K-8 Academy (Homestead). We have recently added both Miami Bridge Shelters as well.


Mentors are women over 18 years of age from all social, economic and educational backgrounds. Volunteer mentors meet once every two weeks for one hour. Mentors are required to pass a Background check and have the ability and commitment to make a difference in the life of a girl.


"Get Real!" collaborates with area colleges and students to help inspire girls to pursue careers in their field of study. Successful community minded women are invited to speak with and share their leadership experiences with the girls.


Orientation is provided at inception and training is ongoing throughout the mentoring process. It is easy to become a mentor, click here for more information.


The 30-week program curriculum addresses the following topics: self-esteem, love and caring for others, responsibility, abstinence, substance abuse prevention, conflict resolution/anger management, honesty, self care, social skills, and academic skills.


Decisions about abstinence (April to May) - Girls take home an amazingly life like infant simulator that offers learning by doing. baby requires feeding, burping, rocking, and diapering on a 24- hour schedule. Girls learn the realities of parenting in one long week-end.



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